Robert Lee Rushing (Bob)
Born 06-27-1945 in Marshvillie, N.C.

Mother: - Lola Rushing Long
Children:  Walter Rushing, James Long, Leroy Long, Betty Long, John Frank Long, Janie Bell Long, Peggy Long, Paul Long, Francis, and Linda Long. I am Lola second son. 

Father: L.C. Chambers
Children:  Chauncey Chambers, Calvin Chambers, Boo Boo, Janet Chamber, Patricia Chamber, Tyrone Chambers, Purcell Chambers, and Ricky Chambers.

At an early age I left home.  I went to Lexington N.C.   I worked in a furniture factory and stayed with my cousin Bobbie Ann Marsh. That’s when I met Edna Richardson we had 3 children, Robert Lee Rushing Jr. Kenneth Eugene Rushing, Sherri Rushing. 
Later I met Anne Martin in Salisbury, N.C. we moved to Elizabeth, N.J.  We had 2 girls Regina Ann Rushing and Freda Elaine Rushing.  I worked at a n5umber of garages as a mechanic then I went to General Motors.  I started Rushing Trucking Co. and  Big A Enterprise in 1972 . The latter Company served Aubrey Freight, and I served as that company's Safety Director.
I met my wife Shirley in 1974 we have one son Robert James Rushing born 12-15-80, in Newark, N.J.
We started Big A Enterprise Bus Company, Later Big A Fuel Oil Company.  We also owned several apartment buildings in the Newark area.  
When we moved to Georgia I opened Rushing & Sons Plumbing & Electric.
The Lord called me into the ministry in 1987.  I am the Assistant Pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church in Fort Gaines.  Since I have been here, I started the Clay County Improvement Association, Boys Scouts of America Troop #82, and coached Little League Baseball and football.
In 1990, I started working for American Builders, for four years.  I have been working for Millis Transfer since 1994.  Out of 600 drivers I have won driver of the years several times I take pride in whatever I do.
At the present time I am waiting to retire and see the world. I thought my kids were my greatest joy, but it’s my grandkids now.  I look forward to seeing them grow up.  Lord I thank you for my family.  However, of all the things I have accomplished, my family is my pride and joy.
Shirley Ann Boldin/ Rushing
Born 03-24-1948 in Fort Gaines, Ga.

Mother:  Cenola Boldin
Father:   Robert James Boldin

Children:  Bobbie Jean Boldin, Edward James Boldin, Lois Lavern Boldin.  I am the third child born of this union.

At the age of 8 years old my family moved to Newark, N.J.  I attended schools: Charlton Street and South Side High School. I graduate in 1965.  As a younger girl I always kept a job. The first job I had was with the next door neighbors, the Mathews'.  I would make 75 cent an hour.  Everytime I went to the store they would give me a quarter. My next job was with a lady name Vi, she would pay me every week.  Ms. Taylor was the last one I work for.  I would work after school and on week ends. God always blessed me with someone in my life that I could keep some change in my pocket, My mother and father didn’t have to buy  everythings for me, I even paid for my class dues and things I need for my senior year.  My sister bought my prom dress.  

When I finish school I worked at Bell Telephone as an operator.  That’s when I married my high school sweetheart, Raymond Cantrell. 12-31-65.  I worked at Western Electric, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  While I was in school I worked at the Golden Cafeteria.  I always kept part-time jobs.  Tom's Chicken Shack was one of them. Later after I finished school I started to barmaid part-time.  I would make more money on the weekend than I would on my regular job.  I started working at Arts High School, Newark, N.J as a Security guard and I worked there for ten years.

I met my husband Robert in 1974.  We have been together for 32 years, we have one son together, but a total of 6 kids.  I never say step kids because they came with the package.  We moved to Fort Gaines, Ga. (my birthplace) in May of 1986, a place I thought I would never live, but after my mom and dad move back my husband said it would be cheaper to live down here.

I like it here I do miss bowling, the spa. I manage to stay busy, with church, my mother, voter registration, and  Sunday school teacher.  I work in the school system here as a substitute teacher.  We have been living in Georgia for 20 years now.  This is just a brief overview of my life.
God has been real good to me and my family. I guess it was his plan for me to be here, so I am going to wait and see what is next.

All Things work together for the good for them that love the Lord.

Family History
Dedicated to our children and their children's,children
Started October 3, 2006
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Robert And B Jr
     Shirley 1965
      Shirley 2006
Shirley And Ed
            Lois                            Shirley
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Robbie, Bob, Shirley, Regina & Freda
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