Robert James Rushing
Born 12-15-80

Robert James Rushing was born in Newark, New Jersey at the Saint Michael Hospital at 4.39 p.m. on 12-15-80.  He weighted 8-lbs.02 oz.
My Parent Robert and Shirley Rushing.
I am not a junior because my older brother is name after my father so I have my fathers first name and my grandfathers middle name. 
I have 2 brothers Robert and Ken, 3 sisters Regina, Sherrie, Freda

Brief Summary
I started to walk at the age of 9 months old and has been running every since.  My dad calls me Robot.  My God mother Ms Esther Graham would keep me while my mom work until I started Babyland Nursery
I can remember my dad taking me on the oil truck I was a little fellow I came home with oil all over me.  He even gave me a check for $10.00 of which I never cashed.
I learn to ride my bike at my dad garage where they park the buses it was a huge place.
My dad took me on a bus trip to see the New York Yankees.  He bought me a jacket and a ball.  He said he spent all of his tips. He was the driver that day.
My dad took me to North Carolina that was the first time that I was without my mom. She pack everything she thought I would need.
This was also a charted trip I got a chance to see my brothers Robert and Ken.  We went to Kens football game.

My parents would travel a lot so I guess that's why I like to go.  We went to Disney World, Kings Dominion, Bush Gardens, Niagara Falls, Virginia Beach. just to name a few.  My sister took me to Great Adventure I will never forget that she had just got he license and when it started to rain she pulled over.

  I attended Maple Ave School at the age of 4 years old.  I moved to Georgia in 1986 I was in the first grade.

My sister Freda  moved down with us but my sister Regina stayed with her mom.  Regina was always near and dear to me she would spoil me by sending me everything I wanted.  Freda was like my other mom she would help take care of me.  So you see I was real Blessed.
  I attend Clay County Elementary where I was the second in my graduation class.  What a honor to have my cousin do the address at my graduation.  Dr. Myrtle Taylor.  I will never forget what she said that life is like a baseball game.
My dad started the  the Boys Scot of America. I moved up to a Webolow then I started to play ball. The first sport I played was baseball at the age of 6 years old then   I Played , football, basket ball.  I must say I did well in all sports I always thought I would play professional baseball.  I ended up getting a basketball scholarship to Troy State.  I had several choice I thought about going to Ducane.   My mom was pleased at my choice because I was close to home.
  I attended Randolph High School graduated in 1998.  I got my first car when I was 15  had my learners.  It was a 1995 Thunderbird.  I played basketball.  I was on the B team and they would let me play with varsity.  One day we played Blakley and the coach let me go in and I hit a couple of 3 pointers and I started playing all the time.  I played baseball also.  I got my first C in Geometry.  My dad had a fit.  My sister had to call him and talk with him .  He would always tell me all I have to do is go to school and he expect all A's he would accept a B. 

I started Troy State majored in Business Management.    Graduated in 2002.  I will be remeberd at Troy becasue I broke all records. 
Since getting out on my own I started a club V-12.  It was not where God wanted me to be.  I have been incarcerated for 3 months because of my bad choices. At the present I am working as a  Foreclosure Resolution Specialist with the Global 3 Acquisitions & Investments, Inc.  I am living in Florida.
My Nieces and Nephews
My Cousins
My childhood from an infant up to age 22
This is the year I rewrote the record book,in all categories in my senior year